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About KingRoy

KingRoy Introduction

   The company KingRoy was officially established in taiwan in 1990. our company is a professional manufacturer of automobile-tools.
   We are competing to add more novel designs to our products as part of our efforts to make our products attractive and, most of all, distinguish from the underselling products. We have upgraded our products to serve professional users of various industries to fend off those, shortsighted, ruthless competition in DIY markets.
   Our smart designs make professional tools much more practical now than before. we often adopt modern technologies and the best materials as chrome vanadium. These tool sets are using drop forged heat treated chrome vanadium and are comparable to the big brands in the market.
   Our products correspond to all industry standards and has been certified. To make our products meet the toughest standard, we have invested heavily in inspection equipments, like test standard system for automobile-tools.
   Not only our company has won significant industrial certifications but also won patents for good designs.
   The major export destionations of our products include European Union, Mainland China, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, America, South east Asia, Africa etc. Our products go there with our own brand KINGROY.


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